Mulletman and the Molemen

Press Kit

Welcome to the Mulletman and the Molemen press page. Here you will find information and redistributable media.

Fact Sheet

Developer: Stevemata, from the land of Clear Skin and Perfect Teeth
Steam Release Date: November 2nd, 2017 - Be There.
XBOX ONE Release Date: November 2nd, 2018
Platform: XBOX ONE & STEAM
Website: http://www.stevemata.com
Price: $4.99
Availability: Digital Download
Languages: English
ESRB: Mulletman doesnít believe in labels.
Filsize: ~10MB
Press Contact: press@stevemata.com
Social: Twitter, Discord


Itís judgement day on the world of the Molemen. The Wall of Fire is coming! Help Mulletman kick and headbutt the Molemen to safety.

Mulletman and the Molemen is modern ode to the games of yore. You play as Mulletman, a giant hero from the distant past. Your goal is to kick all the Molemen underground before the wall fire consumes them.

If you love games with tight platforming, difficult challenges, charming heroes, friendly characters and unrelenting pacing, then Mulletman and the Molemen was built for you.


Four Player Couch CO-OP
Tight Platforming
Three Worlds
30 Original Levels
36 Unique Skins
Original Sound Track
Story Mode
Iron Mullet Mode (Speed Run Mode)
Pixelart the way we remember it.
Kicking and Headbutting!
Good Natured Fun!
Jump, Leap, Run and Kick!
Help cute the Molemen friends!
Alcoholism and Pacifism!



q. What is this game about?
a. A pacifist hero with mangled fists.

q. I got that, but really, what is this game about?
a. A wall of fire is consuming the world of the Molemen, you play as Mulletman, and you must kick all the Molemen into their cave at the far right.

q. I still donít understand what this game is about?
a. Do you blame the radio station when your radio doesnít work?

q. Will this game be coming to other platforms?
a. Maybe. Direct your hopes to the lords of consoles.

q. Why is the hero named Mulletman?
a. No one, including Mulletman, can remember his last name.

q. Why doesnít Mulletman have hands?
a. He wore them out punching jerks.

q. Did he actually wear out his fists doing other things?
a. Sure, there are many other ways he could have worn his fists out, but he didnít wear them out doing that other thing.

q. Whatís all this mullet stuff?
a. The mullet is not only a bold hairstyle choice, itís also a practical hair style choice. A mullet is one of the few hair styles a man can cut himself without looking anymore retarded than if he had paid someone else to cut it for him.

q. But why a mullet?
a. The late 80ís were a bold high tech epoch, the mullet was hard core in style, and the mullet, unlike many other hair styles, ages gracefully.

q. Why is Mulletmanís mullet grey?
a. Mulletman ages like fine boxed wine.

q. I know, but why doesnít Mulletman dye his hair?
a. Would you dye your hair if you had a matted silver mullet?

q. Does Mulletman have any children?
a. Yes. Many. We will get to them later.

q. Does Mulletman have any vices?
a. Mulletman wouldnít understand that question.

q. Does Mulletman have any hobbies?
a. He used to fight, like, a lot, but lately he took up pacifism. Pacifism is a first world hobby.

q. Does Mulletman eat meat?
a. Only when its available at the gas station.

q. Speaking of teeth, does Mulletman still have his?.
a. Hard to believe, but yes, he has all 32.

q. Does Mulletman read slowly?
a. Yes, but it's charming.

q. Does anyone actually ask any of these frequently asked questions?
a. Yes, absolutely, all the time. Otherwise this FAQ wouldn't exist.

q. Is mulletman passed out on the main menu?
a. Poke him with a stick to find out.